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Grosz Heartfield 1945 Letter.
George Grosz Writes To His Dada Collaborator & Lifelong Friend.

In 1945, George Grosz wrote the following letter to John Heartfield.

“Dear old John, […] It was good to hear from you and to know that you are still alive and busy, as in the old days as a “Monteur” – remember? – when you always had paper and newspapers sticking out of your pockets, just as one would expect a photomontage artist to look. And many thanks, too, for remembering my fiftieth birthday. […] At a time when friendships are rare and everyone has to look after themselves, I was deeply touched by your friendship. It is good that our friendship has not be destroyed by political moths. Sometimes I feel very depressed when I look at the emigré newspapers and see how the various groups are fighting each other. It is somehow my fate or perhaps my nature I must remain a “lone wolf” (sorry, that sounds a bit romantic but you know what I mean). […] I am glad that the horrific nightmare of the Hitler régime is coming to an end. What the future will bring us (apart from death) nobody knows. […] I am more skeptical than optimistic. […] Wiel (Wieland Herzfelde) showed me a beautiful collection of your photomontages […] what a shame that modern magazines don’t print photomontages. Nevertheless, I often thought there were better opportunities for them in the U.S.A. than in rather conservative England. It’s a shame that your talents are not properly recognized in Europe. […] Wiel is not really as fat as [Stefan] Heym described him, let’s say he is a little plump, although as always full of vigor. […] He is proud of his new Aurora-Verlag; it’s like 30 years ago: the entire company in one room […]”

Konrad Farner publishes John Heartfield, Photomonteagen zur Zeitgeschichte (John Heartfield, Photomontages on Contemporary History) in Zurich, 1945.

John Heartfield’s grandson, Professor John J Heartfield, offers an Art & Politics, Politics & Art presentation to audiences in all types of venues. He was a featured presenter at 2016 DADA WORLD FAIR (The Collage Museum, San Francisco). Please write to him for more information.

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