“On Good Friday, 1933, the SS broke at night into my apartment, where I happened to be in the process of packing up my works of art. I managed to escape arrest by jumping from the balcony of my apartment, which was located on the ground floor. [...] I emigrated by walking across the Sudenten Mountains to 
Czechoslovakia on Easter.”
Dada Political Engineer John Heartfield
Dada Political Engineer John Heartfield

From 1930 until 1933, John Heartfield is a resident of Berlin.

Heartfield’s stunning anti-Nazi anti-fascist anti-war political photomontages are on public display throughout Berlin. His work appears on newsstands throughout the city on the covers of the popular magazine AIZ. His posters are pasted in plain view.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party seize complete control of Germany.

The SS make Heartfield a prime target. They attempt to assassinate him. His escape through his bathroom window is almost theatrical.

He prolifically creates the art for which he becomes world famous. These are his photomontages of the Nazi Period.

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1930: Art As A Weapon
1931-1932: Returns To Berlin From Travels West
1933: Marked For Death By Hitler's SS
1934: Mánes In Prague
1936: International Photo Exhibition In Prague
1937: Hunted In Prague
1938: Forced To Flee Czechoslovakia
1939: Free German League Of Culture

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John Heartfield’s grandson, John J Heartfield, is the curator of the Official John Heartfield Exhibition and Archive.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield