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John Heartfield Dada & Photomontage Art

Reactions From Exhibition Visitors

“Thank you for maintaining the legacy of this wonderful artist. I saw John’s grave for the first time right after the Berlin Wall fell – I used to live in West Berlin and studied at the Technische Universitaet (Landschaftsplanung) on a German Academic Exchange Service grant (1985-1986)”
Stephanie T. (United States)
“I was thrilled to find your website because I have loved your grandfather’s work ever since I saw an exhibition of his posters, which was put together in collaboration with the Werkbundarchiv Berlin, when I was a young student.”
Andrea H. (Germany)
“As a U.S. citizen, I am pleading with you to allow a traveling retrospective of this history shaping work, please!! History is beginning to repeat itself in the US and all need to see the truths in these great works. Please have compassion and allow the works to travel to the US.”
Susan B. (United States)
CURATOR’S NOTE: It’s my life’s work to have my grandfather’s famous photomontage art, as well as his groundbreaking influential graphic design, on public view. His powerful visual statements opposing fascism, bigotry, ignorance, and oppression are especially relevant at this critical time in world politics. Unfortunately, almost all of my grandfather’s art is stored inside in a vast archive in Germany. If you believe my grandfather’s art should be made available to the public, please WRITE TO ME. Your opinion will make a difference.
“I`ve been working since 2010 with the life history of many photographers in Brazil, that had a main role as a resistance from the Military Dictatorship using the visual media as its main tool (during the 1960s and 1970s in Brazil and many other Latin American countries). My main objective right now, in this new academic research, is to understand John Heartfield`s work as a resistance of the autoritarism in Europe, reading more about his life work, and have some close contact with his relatives for any kind of contribution that may enrich the Thesis. For this, the Oral History can be used as a tool to remember his job, his life and the continuation of his whole work.”
Caio P. (Brazil)
“I am writing an academic monograph entitled “Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil War,” to be published with Vanderbilt UP. One chapter with the importance of montage in the visual archives of the Spanish Civil War. As part of this chapter I would love to show, as an example of a particularly powerful montage, Heartfield’s “Die Freiheit selbst kämpft in ihren Reihen.”
Sebastiaan F. (United States)

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield