Buy John Heartfield Merchandise To Support Progressive Art

Buy John Heartfield MerchandiseSupport Progressive Art

John Heartfield merchandise features photo quality images of some of the most powerful art of all time. Art that stood up to Adolf Hitler, The Third Reich, fascism, and war. Art that literally saved lives and helped change the course of history.THE JOHN HEARTFIELD EXHIBITION SHOP offers a variety of beautifully crafted exclusive items including POSTERS, T-SHIRTS, and MUGS.These exclusive items showcase the powerful art that changed political imagery forever.

One of the first 250 customers will be randomly chosen to receive a Special Personal Item from the John J Heartfield Collection.

The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive is financed by his grandson. The exhibition can only expand to feature more art and more artists if you help.All profits from THE JOHN HEARTFIELD EXHIBITION SHOP go directly towards maintaining this online tribute to the father of modern photomontage, John Heartfield, and brave political artists everywhere. With your help, The Official John Heartfield Exhibition shall become an Online Museum For Progressive Art to showcase Art As A Weapon against bigotry, ignorance, and war.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield