Meral Bostanci writes about “Recipe Against The Food Shortage” and “The Meaning Of The Hitler Salute” in her article in WARHOLA Magazine 06. Meral Bostanci is committed to introducing John Heartfield photomontage to her native Turkey.

Roland Box writes about his meetings with an elderly Wieland Herzfelde and the censorship of John Heartfield’s work. There probably wouldn’t have been John Heartfield Photomontage without the contribution of his brother, Wieland.

Contributions To The John Heartfield Exhibition
From Art Scholars And Historians

The John Heartfield Exhibition and Archive is fortunate to have the participation of art scholars and historians in German Art history. Material in the Exhibition is regularly reviewed by a group of noted art scholars and historians to ensure its factual content is as accurate as possible.

There has been a recent resurgence in interest in Heartfield’s place in twentieth century German art history all over the globe. Heartfield photomontage and Dada art is being introduced to Turkey. His life and art is being revisited by art scholars in such countries as America, Turkey, England, and Russia.

The Exhibition’s format always allows for modifications and additions. If you have a comment or contribution, please Write To The Exhibition’s Curator.