Photomontages Of The Nazi Period

Photomontages Of
The Nazi Period

John Heartfield, 1977

John Heartfield, DUMONT Publishing

John Heartfield
In German
DuMont Publishing

Books About John Heartfield

His Life, His Work, Political Art History, and German Dada Art History

There may be fewer books about John Heartfield than other artists of similar accomplishments and stature. Fortunately, for several reasons, that is changing. Two major new books John Heartfield and The Agitated Image and Revolutionary Beauty has been published quite recently. More are coming.

Many authors, such as Douglas Kahn, have written about the neglect of John Heartfield due to circumstances in the years prior to and following Heartfield’s death in 1968.

However, the vast majority of authors who choose John Heartfield as a subject do so because they have such a great love for his body of work and respect for the sacrifices Heartfield made to achieve it. The books listed on this page have been written with a passionate desire to explore Heartfield’s work, his struggles, his era, and his contemporaries.

Because John Heartfield’s life was cinematic in scope, books such as John Heartfield and The Agitated Image by Andrés Mario Zervigón, succeed at being informatively detailed while reading like a novel whose protagonist is living life to the fullest. A man surrounded by fascinating Dadaist characters such as George Grosz.

Of course, these books also feature the artwork of an artist whom academics and critics have called, “The father of Internet design” and “Easily one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.”

Gertrud Heartfield Signature

Above is an inscription from the curator’s adopted grandmother, Gertrud (Tutti) Heartfield. Tutti was Jonny’s wife third wife. She cared for him in his final years

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Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield