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About John Heartfield

His Artistic and Personal Legacy

When one thinks about John Heartfield’s life and work, it becomes difficult to imagine how many artists, graphic designers, typographers, advertisers, filmmakers, writers, tattoo artists, and so many others have found some form of inspiration from John Heartfield. Soon, HEARTFIELD’S EFFECT will include Interviews and Internet bloggers.

Visitors to the John Heartfield Exhibition can ask the curator questions about John Heartfield. What was the Heartfield like as a person and as a grandfather. They’ll find answers in the Questions From Visitors section of the Exhibition. The curator was fortunate enough to spend vacations with his grandfather in Europe.

Eventually, rather than only being about John Heartfield, The Exhibition will expand to become an online museum of political art. It will feature work from very special artists with the courage to continue the type of work begun by John Heartfield. Artists who produce political art to combat bigotry, ignorance, and violence will be welcome to display their work.

The Exhibition is always expanding.
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Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield